Monday, November 1, 2010

Ride Aoyama 2010 (31st Oct, Sunday)

I had the pleasure of attending Ride Aoyama 2010 which is held at the same time/place of Tokyo design week at Jingu Gaien. Ecology was the main topic for Tokyo design week this time and bicycles are widely featured in many designers work and fringe events. What a cool combination! :) I am not complaining.
The idea of of the Aoyama ride is introduce bicycles to normal folk and also promote bicycle riding in the Aoyama area.It was really cool to know more details as I met up with the Chief organiser Mr Toshi san when we registered onsite for the ride. Apparently, this is the 3rd year running and this is not his day job!
Following registration, we can choose any bikes(labelled test ride) from the booths and ride them around a 3 km route which is closed off - for bikes only.  I headed to the Shimano station and wanted to try the much talked about Alfine 11 while Tahching took the latest top of the line MTB equipped with Full XTR parts. 
The route was relaxing - think riding around the kallang stadium area- minus cars. It was nice to see so many people coming together to ride. From the guys in lyrca, to mummy carrying their little ones and children zooming around.  All having a big smile on their faces. We rode slowly, taking in the sights and feeling the shifter and bike geometry and then swapped the bikes. Snapped more photos.. Wonderful!
To top this up, the organisers even have 2 children training centres where they teach kids to ride. It was fun to watch the children riding around and challenging each other. This is what I call starting them young!

Ok, now here are some photos ... and more here
nice Ginko trees lining the entrance
Toshi san, the driving force behind ride Aoyama
Many bikes to test ride...
Yes, that's right.. Alfine 11!! so smooth like shifting on regular XT MTB shifting. It is that good
A Family that rides together, stays together!
Tah Ching in the all Carbon MTB with Sram XO parts

mini velos

Waiting for grand pah..
Training bikes - No crank and pedals

Children racing each other

Slowly and surely
I also want to ride!!


  1. nice. Traveling around the world to cycle.

  2. yes it is a real fun and after all the design event, I just did a nite ride around the town to see tokyo tower..slowly.. it was nice. Also send back a box of books.. too heavy to lug back. For bicycle on trips, u got to travel really light. Try it some day...

  3. Did you get a chance to try out the Alfine 11 hub? This is something Im v keen in, esp for touring. Do continue to enjoy yr stay in Jpn TW :)

  4. Beautiful Taiwoon. So Tah Ching now get a new toy? or you? LOL

  5. nope francis, we were just glad to be at the same spot where design and bicycles meet. It was really interesting as for Tokyo design week, they made it possible for people to visit the event using a bike.. and u can really cover more.

  6. somehow the natural light in JP is so soft, it make all the great pics look even better!