Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recce to upcoming Jan ride to Pengerang

Today a group of riders took their personal time to recce the route to Pengerang. To actually test out if it was suitable for all newbies, in all shapes and sizes. I am very hearten and very happy to see what passion and fun can drive people to do things beyond the ordinary. From their feedback, it seems doable and I guess we will be making a trip announcement come Jan! Stay tuned and check forum for the confirmation
Andy, Darren, Clarence, David, GL, Mary and Rini (another person, I dun know ur name)thank you for ur efforts!  Check out the recce photos they have taken...

 Recce team!
from left, Darren, Andy, GL, Rini,Mary, and David

real deal Satay...
riding along kampong roads.. 

metal lobster sculpture
check out the lobsters!!!

Ostrich paradise

big ostrich egg


  1. Taiwoon, I believe that is Mary, not May..

  2. opphs, corrected... thanks vince!

  3. along the way, did you guys notice the bungalow on the hill-top with a v steep driveway. interesting :)