Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bikes for Tykes - A fun and practical guide for kids learning to cycle

Its amazing how things can happen. This time... it was from Momo! The book was shared to me by Momo! She saw this book in the school compound. It was lying in a dusty corner. She picked it up and asked the librarian if she could borrow it. The librarian was surprised because nobody wanted to borrow this book. So she simply put it at a very lonely corner. Momo felt that I would like it and we read the book tonight.
It's not overtly "lecturely" but it works! The presentation is a cartoony graphic approach to illustrate how to ride a bicycle. It's a great combination of information and story that will encourage the child and parent to try to ride a bike.
The coolest thing is... this book is authored by Azhar Yusof! He is a lecturer in the PESS academy group at the National institute of education, Singapore (NIE)
The nice illustration was done by Eliz Ong, a singapore illustrator who studied art at Nanyang Academy of fine arts.
Do check your local library or Amazon if you like to buy one and keep. Its really good!

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