Monday, February 20, 2012

Boxing mr AM

Boxing mr AM by taiwoon
Boxing mr AM, a photo by taiwoon on Flickr.
ok.... now how the hell I get Mr AM into the cardboard box... anyone?

 Yes, this is cool.. but can I do it with out removing the rear D?


  1. Taiwoon, I can't help you with the packing, but I'd like to know which bag you have on your Brooks saddle!

  2. @Kevin, it is a Carradice Pendle. like it a lot as it work well and look nice too! Here is a review by from a person who have used one too. I

  3. Taiwoon, check with ya, where did u purchase yr carradice and how muchie? mine seem to have rusted abit.

  4. @ Kelson, I got at SJS cycles.. 100+ and it is working fine.