Monday, February 27, 2012

Packing Mr AM for Taiwan trip

Next Sat morning we will embark on our eagerly awaited Taiwan trip.  Starting from Puli, we will make our way up to Qing Jing farm and later on to Wu ling. It is one of the highest mountain as I understand from George Lim, our team leader who recced the route on his trips to Taiwan. We kinda of prepared for the trip by cycling Mount Faber and some other ant mount in Singapore...see the "proof"... haha..
Some of us even changed to Triple cranks in an technical effort to flatten the Wuling Mountain...  Well, ready or not.. we are going.... 
Now, actually the biggest task for me is how to transport Mr AM to Taiwan. I have never brought a full-sized bicycle and usually take a Brompton or Carryme which packs very easily. Mybikeshop kept a stock Moulton cardboard box for me.. and Kian Lin just said...."simple one.. just loosen the stem and turn handle bar... Kow tim(ok)..."  Well, it took longer than that... mostly due to my inexperience in packing... After 2 hours.. I made everything fit.  Google is usually our best friend if you need answers... but Alex moulton is quite a rare and not much infor on packing can be found on line... So I just did it... with more advice from Chris and George.....  Here's some work in progress.... I waiting to pack my cycling clothes in... then it is all system go!
bring outside my home.. easier to work.. 
Size 15 spanner .... remove pedals
Also degreased the chain...  
Front Mud guard off
Front fork spacer fashioned using spare bits of rod and skweer... I also make anti crush box inside the box... KS 
learnt at Mekong trip how Chris used zipties to hold the loose bike parts... I like.. I copy
bubble wrap and ziptie... 
test fit ... alamak.. handle bar packed too high ... take out.. 
Reposition... should fit now.. 
It fits!!
Almost.... cycling clothes, helmet in.. done!!


  1. didn't look too difficult right? the trick is getting a big box! haha

  2. You can refer to this Taiwanese guy for Puli to Wuling iron butt challenge.
    Doesn't look easy but it will be an ultimate and interesting challenge. Do send my regards to George too, I know him from SAF course. Thanks.

    Best wishes,

  3. @Steve, I didnt capture myself sweating like a pig...haha. I do hope the bike will be fine for the travel....
    @Chionh, sure thing, I will send him my regards. Do u mind sharing which yr/unit so he will know who are you.

  4. Hi Taiwoon, thanks. Just tell him I'm from the underground and he'd know. Have a great time conquering Taiwanese hills, and a safe trip!