Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last week, while resting around on the rides, Kimi came up to me and pass me a nice gift all the way from Thailand.... It was from Mary, Bro AL,Uncle KC, Chris, PapaMike, hong, Steven Tang, Roland, Mr Teo and Kimi... Kimi was sorry that it was a bit delayed but to me I was very touched. What a nice surprise!
As you know they went to Chiang Mai and had a super time. You can read more on their exciting adventures on Bro Al blog - Love the fold . Lots of nice food and slopes. One of the high lights was that they even met up and rode with Chiang Mai Lovecyclingsg equivalent  - aptly named Chiang Mai Sunday Cycling Club, Thailand!!!  I am not a hard core cycle to the death cyclist. I am more interested in the how cycling can connect with all levels of people and of course more opportunties to look around, photo and eat. It makes me very happy to see like minded people at Chiang mai and that thru cycling we can become friends. 
Thank you my friends for a thoughtful gift and most importantly the friendships and laughter!
3 treasures.. Momo, Chiang Mai Sunday cycling club and LCSG jersey!
The official Chiang Mai Sunday cycling club Jersey!


  1. momo is too cute! we need to fund kiddie sized jerseys haha

  2. You are very welcome Taiwoon. Hope it fits you coz it sure cant fit Momo :)