Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lifesaver card by Lifecycle

Screen grab from life-cycle.co/lifesaver

This is a community project by lifecycle for cyclists. The idea is to have a card that can provide clear and concise information to the paramedics when the cyclist is injured, esp when not able to respond or unconscious. 
As we do the regular LCSG rides, we do get our fair share of accidents. Some preventable, some not. One thing for certain is that the quick information on the injured is very important so that the correct treatment is administered. So if u like to have a personalised version, fill in the details and send it to lifecycle or just download and printout a few to keep inside the bicycle pouch.  Touch wood and I hope we never have to use it. But when it is needed, u will be very glad you took the time to fill in the details and read this short short blog entry :)  

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