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Rider profile - Wei Shuan

Wei Shuan with wifey Hai Tang and daughter for a LCSG ride 
Mods by Wei Shuan
Master tinkerer... check this out!
ready to ride? Come join me!
Old Dahon before Wei Shuan restored it... 
Taaadaaa!!! Amazing work by Wei Shuan

I can't place exactly when we met, but I always remember Wei Shuan to be a very nice, mild manner gentle man. Together with his wife Hai Tang, they would ride along side and enjoy the rides together. And at times, their daugher would join us too. A principal engineer at an American MMC he uses his engineering skills to very good effect, restoring old items like calculators, cameras and of course bicycles.... Read more of his life story! 

Tell me about yourself 
I have many varied interests and hobbies, such as trekking, jogging, paper craft, photography, building electronic projects, science toys, collecting and restoring junks like old cameras, telephones, clocks, radios, toys etc. And because I am usually occupied by these enjoyable activities during my leisure times, I never get bored.  I love machinery and like constructing all kinds of fun toys and machines.  Check out his cool restorations

How did you started cycling 
I’m a nature-lover. When I was younger, I used to trek along jungle trails and explore historical sites that are little known to people in Singapore.  However, these quiet places I once recognised eventually diminished along with Singapore's rapid development and industrialisation. Some of these places were also turned into military training grounds. Thus, I ventured into other outdoor activities that appealed to my interest. When the Eastern Coastal PCN was opened in 2007, I went on my first long-distance bike ride on a market foldie with my colleague, Wilson Lim.  I enjoyed it very much and since then, cycling became a hobby which brought me to invest in a better bike.  I bought my first foldable bike that cost me nearly $500 (which was considered rather expensive for a newbie!) and took the initiative to organise rides with colleagues on various park connectors since I didn’t have much confidence to cycle on roads yet. 

However, I got bored of the park connectors quickly.  I surfed the net for local cycling groups but at that time, there had been only about 2 to 3 regular groups that were restricted to specific bike types or brands, and I was not keen confine my interests to adapt to others.  Early last year, I bumped into a video of this group cycling in the Punggol area.  From their fun conversations and chap pa lang bicycles, I knew this must be the group I have long been searching for.  So I ‘sent’ my friend Wilson to ‘recce’ and subsequently joined my first ride with LCSG. 

Why do you like cycling 
Just like any sport or hobby, cycling is a good way to distress.  Cycling also causes less damage on my knees and is less monotonous compared to frequent running.  More importantly, I’m able to build friendships with different people with a similar interest.  It’s also very delightful to have my family participating in LCSG rides.  Only with their support, can I then justify reasons as to why I should buy more bikes.  (Although they nag at me for my high expenditure, especially my daughter who would very much prefer to have me buy her a Double Bass or let her learn the Cello, which would probably cost less than the total amount of money spent on all my bikes.)

Your steel horses- names and more details.  
Dahon Easy6.  My white horse, my first love. 
Dahon Speed P8.   My faithful greyhound that gives me speed. 
GT Marathon Elite MTB.  My knight horse that I ride to Ketam trail. 
Brompton S6R.  My little pony that takes me to city rides. 
Dahon III.  I just adopted this 25-year-old red puppy, and I’m overhauling it to give it a new life. 

Your  favorite cycling kakis 
All the brothers and sisters of LCSG!!

Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride 
Eastern Coastal PCN, Kranji ride. 

Your role at LCSG 
I do not have a specific role but I can be an impromptu mechanic, marker or photographer when I’m needed. 

Tips to share with fellow riders 
I know many people may be reading our facebook updates but feel shy to join our rides. However, the fact is that LCSG is welcome to bikes of any kind and cyclist of all ages. 
No one will laugh if you ride a cheap market bike.  
I won’t be the last cyclist as I know the sweeper is always behind me. 
When my bike breaks down, there are always helping hands to assist me. 
If I fall, someone will care for me, and comfort me by saying: “Don't worry your bike is okay!” 
Whenever I ask bike related questions, I often receive great advices.  But I know I need to be strong if I refused to be poisoned.  It’s all up to me! 
People are nice here so there is no need to be shy.  Please come and join us! ­­

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