Sunday, February 26, 2012

It is possible doing the "impossible"

Ro and Ribena at End point... looking like they can do another 128km!!!   -- Photo credit Layyuan 
Banannas??? you bet! - Photo credit Layyuan
Audrey Chong, Ejin, Layyuan, Cindy and Elain Pan smiling for the camera   -- Photo credit Layyuan
We did it!!!!  I know this will be a moment they will remember for a long long time!  Photo credits Layyuan
one stroke at a time... we will make it!!   photo credit Francis Chu
Ro Ribena and John( ok.. he used a Dahon Silver tip... but that's cool too :)) took their Carrymes and foldie to the NTU bike rally.... that's at least 128km and not really a short distance. So when they said they would do it... I was like... yah rite... But just an hour ago...they completed the ride! It was a bloody hot day to boot.... but they hung on and made it!!! Whoooohoo! So..... this is to remember the awesome effort from Ro, Ribena and John for trying such an audacious journey! Classic mind over matter effort! Well done!  
Carry me KODH anyone?

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