Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nparks PCN improvement with LCSG + MBG 29th Sept 2018

This is a continuous collaboration between Nparks, LCSG and MBG to help improve our PCN.
Yes, u heard that right. We work with PCN team to help identify areas which could be improved and we go help fix it! The idea is when we sweat together, magic happens! Trust me on this... 
The area was prone to having accidents as it was a direct slope to the traffic crossing. The new amendments have a "S" bend with speed strip so that we can slow the speed down using design.
Notice the red line bends more, this can slow down the speed to the traffic junction 

This my friend is Super AWESOME!
I was also very glad to have my girl to join me. We took our foldies and MRT to the site all the way from Punggol. Took awhile but it was really fun. 
Momo showing its easy to use a foldie and MRT 

At the site, the usual faces arrived. Eugene wee with his family, Ben, uncle Steven and many other new faces. This is really encouraging to see the continued level of participation from fellow cyclists.  Also very cool was how Raymond tong pang his wife on his foldie!! So Romantic!
After abit of intro on Why we are doing this kind of events, every one started to get busy very happily.. it was amazing!
Planting the shrubs, doing the concrete dividers.  Here are some nice photos of the cool work by the folks. Thank you guys for helping make the PCN better. I am so honoured to work along side u folks! 
To those who want to contribute, pls drop me a line at so I can hook u with for the next session! Thanks!
Wilson sharing on the technicality and Why we doing this
Sharing more the why and Thanking fellow cyclists for the time effort to make this happen. Thank you. 
Daniel and family coming down to show support by doing 
Mark and his friends from MBG pulling more support 
Uncle Steven showing how its done. He is VERY good!
Nixs showing how Army training experience is becoming useful haha

Super nice folks enjoying their well deserved Currypuffs 

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