Thursday, October 2, 2014

A very very scary comment I saw online on cycling

I saw this posting on cycling in Singapore here
It was about a lady cycling along the road and a bus behind her. There were comments on how it slowed down the bus and that cyclists shouldn't cycle on the road. One especially vicious comments was by this person.  
This was her comments on the cyclist. " Eeleenz Liang some cyclist should juz get run over.." What is going in her mind??? I hope she seriously reflects on her comments. It's scary!
No one should be hurt or killed because he or she choose to take the bicycle as a way to commute.  The fact that this lady chose to take the bicycle option, she is also taking a car (in case she drives) out of the jam and reduce the traffic issue. Now what's wrong with that? 
What a vicious comment by Eeleenz Liang 

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