Friday, June 19, 2015

Rider Profile Han Jok Kwang

This is a senior whom I have the utmost respect for. He is Jok Kwang and we first met during 2011 raising funds for Japan major earthquake.  We also did this rally video for our friend in Japan
Anyway, back to Jok Kwang. I have seen him several times in LTA, URA workshops and others form of feedback sessions. 

Taking time off his busy schedule to give good, well articulated suggestions. Always very calm and collected.... but at the sametime passionate.  He also got down and dirty to help improve the PCN paths!

sweating it out
His favorite phrase is "Its more useful to engage and participate then play armchair critic."  

Thank you sir for your passion and continued advocacy in promoting cycling! Read more about him here.
igital copy 

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