Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reply from Joshua Hon (Tern)

Guess what I got on my mail today (see below). It was Josh hon replying directly to my queries on the Tern brand and bike!  Now, while we have our differences in opinions, I am impressed with the clear and no BxxSxxx reply from Josh. He is clearly passionate about  the Tern brand and bikes. So much so that the company gives a free bike to their staff if they want to commute( by bike)! If that's not commitment, I don't know what to call it. Looking forward to try the Tern bikes! I heard it is coming to SG real soon! 


June 23 
  Hello Josh, My name is Taiwoon and I am from Singapore and I love folding bikes and anything with wheels. I do sunday rides which I try to get everyone to ride bicycles... Pls have a look at my blog which I keep a blog account on things cycling, foldies and our Sunday rides account. I like what u did while u are at Dahon(like the bags which can store in cupboard or under the bed" and I am very excited to know u have setup Tern. And I actually wrote about it... I want to clarify that I am not trying to "bash" u or Tern up.. just stating my perspective and hopefully u can also respond and share with me ur thoughts. Thanks for ur time to read this, http://www.smallwheelsbigsmile.blogspot.com/.

Hi Woon - sorry for my late reply - I didn't see this. I like your blog. I think your comments are perfectly fair if you've only seen our video. But today we'll go live with additional product info. Sure on outward appearance, there is a lot similar between Dahon and Tern which is to be expected considering that it's the exact same teams doing the Dahon 2011 and Tern 2012 product ranges. But there's also a lot that is very different. The frame joints and handleposts in particular get six new patented technologies. When you see the bikes up close or test ride one, you'll know. Seriously. As for standing for something, we stand for sustainable transport. And that's not marketing talk - we live it. I've walked to work for 19 years and we give a free bicycle to any company associate who wants to commute to work. Feel free to post this and thanks for your note. 

hi Josh, thanks for the reply! I admire ur passion in sustainable transport and the innovation in folding bikes. Was talking to the local SG Dahon & Tern dealer (MyBikeShop) and looking forward to try out Tern bikes close and personal. Hope to have a chance to ride with u sometime and understand more on the the Tern brand!


  1. How exciting this must be TW! To get a reply from such a prominent person in the foldy world is something to celebrate. Steady lah!

  2. Hello Bro Al, yes indeed. What an honor and I appreciate Josh hon for taking the time to reply my queries.