Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovecycling night ride 23rd Aug2011 - ride account

Lovecycling crew @ Mandai Shell Station  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
George conducting the ride briefing and safety pointers  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
Ok har... we go slow! yah rite...  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
Red light... rest and catch my breath s  -- Photo credits Billy Loy
George aka Mr Ben and Jerry suggested we meet and train a bit on the slopes one day- for the Taiwan trip come March 2012.... and a few clicks on the Facebook later... there was 200 over comments and 27 riders confirmed to do a night ride on a Tuesday.  Meeting at the start point, it felt carnival-like. People looking like Christmas trees and all things blinking. As we reached Seletar Dam, another group of lovecycling folks joined us. Overall I think it was about 50 ish - 60 riders! Outstanding!  Rolling on towards Mandai Rd and spinning up the slopes. I smiled, yes! This is what cycling is about.! Thank you George for leading the ride and many other old birds to look out for the new birds... And Lastly a Big thank you to Billy for the photos!
Next week ride details... here !


  1. Great to see so much passion within the group.

    And Christmas arrived early!

    Ride on folks!

  2. Our BRIGHTEST Christmas tree was Mr. Woon Taiwoon!!! :)