Sunday, August 21, 2011

George Lim - Mr Ben and Jerry

George, the healthier choice!
Leading a ride for lovecyclingsg in George's style!
Want 100 plus?? Follow me! 
George and team turtle having a detour on the Iron butt 128km 

Mt Bromo, East Java in the 90s
This is George Lim, Encik, LCSG lead rider for turtle group on the first iron butt event. He did it in style pulling along a trailer loaded with 100plus, chocolates and ice. Just so that his team can have some refreshment when the going gets tough.  That's just amazing!  Always the leader of the pack and never shying from helping, anyone. George is fast becoming a lovecyclingsg regular and readily shares his extensive bicycling experience.  Come next March 2012, George together with 20 riders will attempt to ride up Taiwan highest slopes. That would be really cool! Encik George,  keep it in coming and thank you for ur inspiring efforts!


  1. How much did you pay for your Moulton bike? Is it suitable foe a tall guy (185cm)?

    1. Stock TSR is about 2700 and u can change many components to make it ride better. The bike is ok for taller folks and u can check them out at Mybikeshop or lifecycle@Gemwill lane