Friday, August 26, 2011

First rider - learning how to ride - Review day 1

Wanna ride?
Ah mo with First Bike with daddy LCSG pose!
My girl is now 4 and if u read my blog u will know she is beginning to learn to ride a bicycle. For now, she rides a strawberry bike with the pedal taken out.It kind of works but recently I was shown a bike by Lifecycle's Simon  which aims to help a child learn to ride and find their sense of balance. 
Enter First bike,  designed in Germany, the product is simple and no frills. Light enough to be chucked into a back of a car and bring to any Park connector or just buzzing around the neighbourhood. 

This are some photos of my momo in action...  She seems to just get into the groove very quickly. We were laughing and joking around the PCN. Judging from her laughs and smiles.. I think this is a good toy for any child learning to ride and makes for a nice family bonding.

I will update more as she progress along in a week or so....Stay tune! 
More photos here

u just paddle along... this helps the child get a sense of balance
momo pointing at the Seat height adjust knob...
Its light! See I can even carry it!


  1. Ah yo yo, so so cute this Momo! Love her diff colored socks :) Hope she gets the hang of cycling quickly. My 4 yo son also learned to ride without training wheels some years back. We just pushed him down a grassy hill and after 4 times of falling down, he was cycling. Pl dont report me for cruelty...

  2. Thanks bro Al! Just bought Ah mo downstairs at the void deck for a spin. She's getting better... the progress is pretty amazing! Wah..salute ur hard core training methods! hmmm maybe I should try that too! haha

  3. Lovely post! This will be a sweet memory for Momo :-)