Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bike share and cars. Musings from a pungolian :)

mummy and her precious
I am a parent of a lovely 4 year old and live in the heartlands of pungol. It is a beautiful place and great for cycling. Recently my buddy Francis shared with me his bikes share concept he have been thinking and designing for sometime. Personally, I think it is cool and bicycles could be part of a overall transport solution. But it is not the "silver bullet" that can solve everything. There is an issue of the "the last mile" where people are finding it difficult to reach their desired location, ie home, work, meeting points. I am talking about the mass transport means in SG like MRT, bus systems. I know and very hearten to hear that plans are under way to improve the mass transport but the "fire" is already burning. As such,commuting cycling(if there is this term) athough it is quite hazzardous are also beginning to get more popular in Singapore. I know of a few riders cycling to work, in comparison with none 3 years ago.
In all this changes happening, what is being done for the new parents? I hear with great dread that our transport minister is planning to reduce the quota of cars. Quoted"we can't grow the car population so fast.... " to me it equals to even crazy car prices putting them out of reach of the common folks. For the well heeled, it doesn't really matter. It is a pinch but still ok. I find it sad cuz we are using simply COE and cash to sort out who can own a car. If u don't have money, sorry lor. Take mrt, bus. I just want to share that if u have a baby, little children, or elderly folks. Try taking the mass transport.Dun get me started on taxi booking,try it on peak hours.... It is impossible. I know we are all bicycles lovers, I am one. But frankly my friends, cars have a place in our society. I hope that the cars entitlement caters not just for people with money, but also have a consideration for the needs.For families with little children or elderly. Perhaps it can promote more couples to start their families.
If there is any country that can do it, I think is ours. Comments?


  1. Hi,

    Do you know where i can get this kind of front childseat? I didn't know that this kind could fit into a dahon.

  2. I think u can find them at Mybikeshop. Also do check out this entry I wrote. Stanley contact is added inside