Wednesday, October 12, 2011

George rides to work video

This is the riding route footage by our very own George Lim on his way to work.  To George, cycling is not just a recreational activity but a way of life. He rides to work daily and he loves the ride. I looked at the footage and there is just something about it. Haunting black shadows with the rythymic pedalling motion. The silence just makes the video more powerful. I like to find more folks who ride to work...anyone else?

In chinese translated by Kim
这是我的朋友佐治(George)骑单车上班沿途所见的风景. 对佐治来说,骑单车不止是一种休闲活动,更是一种生活方式和态度。
佐治天天骑单车去上班,很享受这段时光。他的录像里有一样东西深深吸引住我:黑黑紧随的身影,规律地踩动着。 无声的世界却有超强的感染力! 朋友,你也骑车去上班吗?我想认识你!

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