Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15th Oct 2011 - LCSG folks got heart. 128 night ride account- 爱骑车。爱友谊

Team Sleepy Gonzales
Team Panda  
Team Titanium Butt
Team Flying Turtle 

爱骑车。爱友谊 << This is from Kim, and is my biggest take away... 

80 folks met at ECP Mac to embark on a 128km loop around Singapore. This time, we did it east wards. The route is ECP Mac>> Changi Village>> Punggol>> Yishun>> Sembawang>> Woodlands>> Kranji>> Lim Chu Kang>> NTU>> Jurong West>> Pandan Loop>> West Coast road>> VivioCity>> Lau pak Sat >> ECP Mac.  And a bunch of us also continued to Tan tock Seng for the World Hospice Day.
The folks were split into 4 groups to ensure safety and better coordination.  They were as follows:
1) Sleepy Gonzales led by Sir KC and Sweeper Zack.
2)Panda group 2, led by Chief Panda Clarence Chang and Sweeper Vince Li.
3) Titanium Butt group 3, led by Titanium butt Chief Patrick Yee and Sweeper Adrianne Lee
4) Flying Turtle group 4, led by Encik George Lim and Master Sweeper Steven lim, Andy Yap and Boo.
First pack started around 8pm with 10 min intervals.We had cooling weather and no rain. The darkness however made it quite difficult for identification and we were very lucky to have Sean  and Vince Li sponsor the group, light sticks and blinking straps. To make the event even extra special, David Eng and Joeel worked hard to design and personally made the limited edition glow in the dark stickers. Only for those who rode. Not for sale.
Limited edition Sticker. Design by Joeel and hand made by David Eng
roll off!
at night... it is good to have plently of blinkers!
Andy and Kimi @ Changi village... sup sup water... 
@Kranji 7-11, tired but in good spirits:) 
Through out the ride, I could hear shouts of encouragement egging each other on. Music blarring away. Folks sharing all their candies, deep heat, chocolates, power bar. What a team! Everyone looked out for one another. Special mention and really unforgetable was meeting LCSG Angels @ 3am in the morning. They took the form of Steve and Bernice. Waving down the cycling groups and giving out cold 100plus drinks and bannanas. That was so nice of them! When most would be sleeping, they came out of their way to cheer the team.. I am touched by their gestures and I know many too on that day. Thank you Angels!
Bernice waving banananas for the riders
LCSG Angels Steve and Bernice
Don't look like much but it all comes from the heart. That is all that matters
mobile pitstop in the middle of the nite... 3am to be exact! 
With the constant chatting and cursing.... we eventually ended the ride at ECP. Thankfully no major incidents and all who completed was on a high. Elaine Pan, smiled and told me... "Backside pain... but feeling very good. I like it! yayyyh" And Joeel, who suffered from knee pain in the middle of the ride... grin and soldered  on. It was really a feat of endurance when I saw the pain written on his face. The coolest part... when he arrived... .team turtle lined up and cheered!
Dear, I love u! 
Master Sweeper with KSL and Eman

Lastly I want to give my biggest thanks to all leads and sweepers and old birds for looking out for their flock and friends.  Thank you very very much for the the excellent sweeping by Steven Lim, Andy Yap and Boo. To ensure that the slower riders could find their way. What a ride and I could hear murmings of ..."this is chicken feed... maybe we combined KODH with 128km!!!" wah lau... u all very hard core... hmm should we or shouldnt we? Tell me what u think?   More photos here


  1. Lots of fun and laughter on the memory lane!!!!!

  2. we had fun setting up the water point too! great to be able to refresh everyone in the middle of the night. cheers!

  3. okie dokie ...KODH + 128km !!! go lah go lah :)))) kee keee