Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16th Oct 2011 - LCSG supports World Hospice day

@ TTSH start point of the World Hospice day ride
LCSG is a group with a heart. So even when it is very tiring after cycling through the night, a bunch of 128 LCSG iron butters carried on and participated in the ride. All for a good cause. We were joined by the rest of the lovecyclingsg crew- Diane, Gywn, Kevin, Derrick and Nick Wong. A total of almost 500 riders turned up to support the hospice ride, making for quite a carnival event.
Kimi and Gywn in a nice cooling morning

Ok, here is the not so nice bit, but is important to share. I hope this does not sound like a lecture but having all of the riders ride at the same time is a very dangerous act. There are too many variables that could go wrong. The rider's skill level and types of bike were bunched up so tight that it was really abit hairy for me and my friends.
lots of traffic towards Lavender road
Diane with her apple green Brompton
Saw Bing with here crew... drumming as one!
I hope for the future mass rides, that it should be spilt into more manageable packs so that riders do not clog up traffic like what was experienced on the actual day. The cycling route should be better planned to make use of the Park connector or have traffic marshal to isolate some real danger spots. Like the junction at Moulmein/CTE/Balestier area , the crazy 3 lane switch on kallang road which riders have to move 3 lanes from left to right. While at the same time many cars, bus zoom in dangerously close to the riders. This is the spot that one of the riders was seriously injured. Last evening, I checked with Elaine is that he is now in a stable condition and out of ICU. That's good news!
The injured rider affected me alot as we rode towards the end point at ECP. I thought to myself;" how can I make our LCSG rides safe yet fun for all. More really needs to done for Singapore Cyclists..." Riding on the roads at certain sections is really too dangerous - my mind still on the 3 lane switch, and I will definitely avoid this road junction - That's really all I can do...and blog about it.
While we want to promote cycling as an alternative way and a good mode of transport. The infrastructure is really more car centric and not catered for cyclist.  All it takes is a nasty bad accident to set us back into the dark ages. Friends, please ride safe, be safe. Stay alive! Well done LCSG for ur time and supporting the world hospice day!
PS. Thank you Mr Teo for your generous contribution!
4wheel eco car :) 

End point at ECP carpark B4 area... here I was about to drop and sleep on the grass...

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