Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bicycle with a soul...Really? Zun bor?

BF and Brompton in harmony, for once :) 
Cyclist are an interesting lot. When it comes to their bicycles it would invariably invoke strong feelings and brand loyalty. What comes to my mind is Brompton and bike Friday. To me both are good bikes and it baffles me to see the tension and big arguments on cyberspace and kopi talk.... It is like comparing Ferrari and porsche. In my humble opinion, both are good but they ride different and look different.
Some proponents (of BF or Brompton) will cite the fold, theirs the best, heritage and how the bikes are about handcraft(I am guilty of that too) and really does that matter?
I sometimes find myself "overselling" the bicycles and gear. Especially to the non-cycling friends and community. In their minds they must be thinking "wah lau...2K leh...can buy motorbike and u tell me ur bicycle cost so much, Zun bor? Inside got gold is it? What you talking about soul?"  I am sure they like to know how and why do such innate tubes and rubber become such passion of desire? What goes in the minds of these people - like me...
Bicycle with a soul? Or perhaps what I am talking about "soul" is in the conversations while riding, feeling the cool breeze. La-ing kopi and chatting over all kinds stuff. Although it is small has the magical power to bond. And I love it!  So what moves ur mojo so to speak? I like to know....
FYI, this is my first entry using the iPad, edited abit on macbook pro(typing is faster) :)


  1. I've been thinking of taking up cycling- for health more than any other reason. Very interesting to know that its something people are so passionate about too. Makes me see it in a new light.

  2. yes and u can see yesterday ride. it was a special one.... blog about it soon

  3. Agree with you Taiwoon. Different strokes for different folks. Different bikes serve different purposes and offer different rides.

    We shouldn't let the technicalities behind the basic logic of pedal and move take away the simple joy of riding!

  4. On an additional note, noticed that there are horns growing out of Al's head in the pic. =P

  5. Sometimes I get so tired of being around certain Brompton owners. To them, other brand bikes are just rubbish. Is it a "Brompton thing"? Because I have never encounter such behaviours from other brand owners.

  6. @Kevin. I like to think they are antlers - a sign of health in the kingdom of deers :) Keep riding more and yours will grow!

    Bromptons are great foldies and probably the best for their intended purposes. But no bikes are the best per se!