Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The guns have fallen silent....24th Oct Sunday ride

Changi battery
I remembered driving pass this sign - "johor battery " in my NS time to Selarang camp but never went in to take a look. These my friends are monster guns that was part of the British defense during World war II.The shells alone is 800 kg!!!  Go figure..and the guns are still there...at least from what I can see in the website.

Around there is the Changi war chapel which doesn't look like much but it kept alot of the soldiers alive thru faith. This is one place which I like to visit and feel the surroundings..
Changi chapel

Old Changi hospital

Another place which we will visit is the old Changi hospital and old army barracks. Old changi hospital because it was the filming spot for the truly original SG ghost story.. I think we will just skirt pass it... More infor here... real or fake, you decide. 

Here is the route details. Time 0730. 24th Oct, Sunday. We meet the open air car park F3.This is the end of the east coast park(near the  ride along the coastal road to Changi village.. around the Changi barracks and old hospital area.. then we will head toward Selarang camp where the monster guns and Chapel are located.. then make our way back to ECP.  u can see more detail here 

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Now.. let's ride, load ur cameras and waterbottles and roll!
route and point of interest

Start point - Carpark F3

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  1. Is there any possibility to banned all the Guns to have peace everywhere.