Sunday, October 24, 2010

Changi "guns have fallen silent" ride

The 25 friends I met ECP F3 carpark 
26 friends met at ECP F3 carpark at 0730. Many fresh faces, like Lee, Diane, Erwin, Craig, Ryan, Vince, James, Henry and quite a few I can't  remember.
To start, the Man of the Day goes to Andy who rode all the way from Bishan, Carrying 12 packet of soya bean drink and sandwiches! To add to the story, he even made his very own sweeper vest with and matching tee!  Thanks Andy for ur tireless efforts and making our rides that much safer!
Andy, sweeper, a very very good one!
Andy and his custom safety vest 

Our friend brought it all the way from Bishan!

The ride along ECP coastal PCN was calm and relaxing. The pace was slow to allow everyone to ride in formation and it was quite a sight.. many passerby turned and looked. Some waved and I am sure some wished they were on bikes... because it all look so fun. It really was! Pics of the ride will be up later as this ride I was really concentrating on managing the group and making sure our safety is not compromised.

Form up and ready to roll.

Matt taking photos all the way

Boo, Diane and Erwin

Diane.. after the steep slopes, jumps for joy!...cuz its now downslope

Lee and Francis thumbs up at Changi village
We reached Changi village in no time and there was a quite a few group of riders there.. having their meals and waiting for the ferrry to Pulau ubin. We also saw a cool character by the name of KC. He rides a recumbent which is 20+ years. The bike and him is still going strong....keep rolling, Sir!

Having our tummies filled with gorgeous Nasi lemak, carrot cake and other yummies. We headed towards old changi hospital. There was a series of hills which challenged some riders but they eventually reached. The area was cordoned off but it still looks abit scary.. but we did not see anything.. I guess the "thing" must have run away when 26 of us rode up.. yelling, laughing and cursing(why did Taiwoon bring me here..)  

Then we had rolled on to the Monster Guns which was semi completed.. with a new bistro in renovation, aptly named Bunker.

Changi Chapel was another memorable experience. It is a simple chapel and full of narratives of the suffering the POWs had to endure. There was no photography allowed, u just have to take my word for it that it is a good visit.

Lovely ride with great people, what more can u ask for? 
more photos here and Zillon thanks to Matt, Francis for photos and Eddie on the Video!

Cool dude with his rig
Fenced up old changi hospital
15inch calibre.. 
thats called leverage!
The group at monster gun
U can clearly see they are happy rite? 
notes, remember them...
Simple yet reflective moment at Changi Chapel


  1. cool Tai Woon. Very nice ride indeed!

  2. Its been a pleasure to meet a fine group of like minded persons @ Changi Village ! .. Cheers! .. K.C. Au Yeong

  3. thanks again you guys for the super fun ride! :)

  4. Hi Tai Woon

    Thank you & your team for the great ride!

    Everything went seamlessly and i had a great time. Too bad I had to rush home towards the end cos I had an appt to keep and couldn't attend the 'debrief' or to get to say goodbye to some new friends.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to the next ride & to seeing everyone again.


  5. Very nice pics and friendly group :)

  6. Wow thx, seldom see pic of me.LOL
    Great ride again.

  7. hey guys/gals, Glad enjoyed the ride and yes,indeed ... it couldn't be done without the help of my team, Boo, Andy, Francis, Clarence, Eddie and many others who willing helped in making the ride safe and fun. That's what I call team spirit!

  8. KC, a real pleasure meeting u too! Ride on, ride strong!

  9. Nice write up & photos

    another successful ride