Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TR bikes, folks with passion

It is rare to see passion in SG this days.... But if u look hard enough, there are people who live their dreams. I want to share with u a shop I went to recently to get my old bike done up... TR bikes. It is the place to be if u have any fixie dreams, where old bikes can be "reborn". After last week ride, I brought my friends to see TR and here are the shots of folks of TR. They are located at a quiet neighbourhood

TR bikes Address:  
Block 7, Jalan Batu, #01-107, Singapore 431007
Opening Times
Mon – Fri : 1200hrs – 1900hrs
Sat : 1100hrs – 1900hrs
Sun : 1300hrs – 1600hrs
Ph : Closed
 Go and check them out! 

tools for every operation

oh no.. 
old raleigh
why left sided crank?
Chris explaining why

Lyten adding a Crane brass bell to my New old bike 
niceee bike

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