Wednesday, September 22, 2010

out of your comfort zone - we are going to woodlands!

I am planing the next ride and the usual suspects came up , the SG river ride, east coast park...those familar places.... One suggestion was to go ride at Woodlands and see admiraty park, which I heard about...but never been there.. I thought about it long and hard... Woodlands is abit far for many of the my friends and myself but again I remembered this advice from a friend of mine. "Get out of your comfort zone"

So....folks...let meet at Woodlands MRT, Sunday morning bright and early, 0730, ride and explore the area with an open mind.. u never know what u will find...  Map route for the ride.. we might detour to republic poly as well.. was told it looks very beautiful.

The route
Woodlands waterfront @ 0730 ( Clubsnap, by Azurebluee)

taken from on Admiralty park, circa 2008.

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