Saturday, July 9, 2011

Butterflies in my belly... Mekong in 5 Days...

Going for my 2nd long distance touring with some friends in 5 days!  Yeahh! All this made possible by the tireless efforts of Bro Al (The love the fold guy) . Thank you Sir! The route is mentioned also in his blog.  This time, I will be using my Brompton M 6 speed. Why not the flamingo which I am totally comfortable and confident with. Well, it is a combination of "backside" itchy, ease of travel and wanting to try out another option to ride. I was told that the route is flattish and the gearing is enough... I pray that this will not be another "relaxing Kluang trip"....   I am going "blind" again... refuse to read about the location, distances and blog so that I will not be "tainted and influenced".   Here is a great drawing I found in the internet(forgot from whom, pls let me know) which is my approach to going for the ride.  Tick tick tick.. the clock is moving... got to pack.. 
illustration credit - someone on the internet... pls let me know if u are the painter..    

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  1. We will survive la, and hv a jolly gd time! :) Looking forward to riding 220km with you. See u on Wed Budget Terminal my friend.