Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taiwan Da Tong Fan guo

Don't look like much but this there is so much story behind this 
Double walled.. can use as steamboat and also steam buns!

Found it!!!We found the rice cooker at this shop!!Kim looking pleased to have got the rice cooker.... we both were amazed
This is the rice cooker which all taiwanese swear by. And if they move overseas... this is what they will bring.

Taiwan Da Tong Fan guo, a set on Flickr.
Huh? why is this doing on SWBS blog? Well, this is a story about home and love. Kim reads alot, especially chinese magazines on life and culture. She related to me about this article on a rice cooker... "wah.. how interesting I thought..." She went on telling me that Da Tong Fan Guo is as Taiwan as Nasi lemak is to Singapore. When Taiwanese moved overseas for studies, work or for good. This rice cooker will be standard operation equipment. They swear by it... with my conversation with the local Taixi uncles and aunties.. They give it a high regards for durability, versatility(can do steamboat, cook porridge, steam bread etc)
We had a hard time finding the rice cooker... until a lady at the shopping centre selling Zourishi Japan rice cooker...looked around and asked us to come closer. She whispered... it is good stuff.. we don't sell but here is the address... I also use this at home. Very good!
What made my heart melt was when Kim told me.. when children goes to studies overseas... mummy will buy Da Tong Fan Guo and Magic Spoon for their children. Asians in general are not particularly open on their emotions and this practical gesture is a mummy's love for their child.
Cycling has enabled me to reach out to more friends and have so much fun. And the more I think about it ... the more I feel that it is all about relationships that makes things so much more meaningful.
This is why I like to share the Da Tong Fan guo story with you. A taste of home cooked rice will definitely warm the hearts.
PS... what is magic spoon?... hahah google and u will know

And more on Da Tong Fan Guo by my friend Hung Hsiang.簡單減肥食譜/電鍋食譜-happy-50th-anniversary-大同電鍋『50週年』tatung-cuisine-簡單電鍋de茄.html


  1. Hi, looking to get one when i visit taiwan in 3 months, could you give me the address of the place? also, im a little confused by the tatungusa website, which is the only one i could find which details their products, ones in the usa anyway. theres direct and indirect heating, i thought the difference was that the indirect heating one is the one you can do steaming with cos theres two different sections, one for food, one for water, sort of like the one you bought? but then their description says "It also includes a stainless steel inner pot" for the direct heating one, so i dont know if thats just a bad description or it means the direct heating one can also do steaming...

    is the one you bought an indirect one? where the food goes into the inner pot and water is poured in the 'outer' pot, how do you use the steamer bit even?

    thanks in advance

  2. It was at a normal hardware store at Bali (opp. Danshui river bank). I think the one we bought is the indirect heating one... I just got the power converter and when my wife comes back.. we will try to use it.

  3. Hi, may I know how much does it cost for the rice cooker?


  4. may i ask how do u convert the voyage 110 to 220

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