Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LCSG Dec Taiwan trip meetup

Momo, Cayla and Kimi 
No slope...  but got strong headwind...   

We are going to Southern Taiwan later Dec timeframe. This was a gathering of sorts to meet up the LCSG team members, their spouses and kids.  Done in a potluck style where everyone brought something to the table... we were all so full.  Here are some photos of the meeting cum pot luck. 2 more months to go.... .wooopeee!
More photos of the happy gathering here. 

Wives meetup. Iris, Cindy, Kim and Shelby
Potluck buffet
Encik George sharing the itinerary and route... very flat one... but seems like no one believe..
Bernice and Steve is so looking forward... That's Taiwan Fruit beer he is holding!
Fried chicken wing and drumstick
nice coconut pastry!
The folks even celebrate my birthday earlier.. so kam tong

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