Sunday, December 23, 2012

Riding along Taipei Park Connectors

4 amigoes.. George Lim, Desmond Chia , Aunty Audrey and me(behind the camera)

It is day 8 of our Taiwan Trip. 0530 am, Encik Lim George, Desmond Chia, Audrey Cheong and myself went for the a morning ride along the Dan shui river from Xin Meng Ding. We reached the turn off point to Kee lung port and turn back.
Desmond cycling along the PCN, enjoying the cool breeze
all is quiet and calm... this is Taipei city!
Capturing the moment in time
Frankly it was bit of trouble to muster enough energy to cycle, having cycled for the past week. However I was glad I did. It was a really pleasant ride but abit too chilly (18c) just with a jersey. Peaceful and another perspective of Taipei which I like more of.  This is why you bring a folding bike.... if u have a hour to spare, u can do a relaxed ride and see more of a place.
Morning light makes everything lookso beautiful

 One interesting observation on the Taipei park connector is the mobile bike shop. It sells bicycle nick nacks, jersey and all things relate to cycling. Even have a "courtesy"floor pump in case u need to put some air in your tyres. I find this is a good idea as it provides a good convenience to the park users and cyclists. Have a look.
Mobile bike accessory kiosk

Aunty Audrey doing SG proud by drawing first blood.. she bought a basket and something..
Pump for all to use.. 
Left or straight? a moment of confusion in Taipei maze like network of road. 
Later we went back hotel, rested abit and headed to Eslite(Chen Pin) to look at the books and just relax. There was an exhibition of drift wood and how the artist used scrap to create nature scenes. I like that a lot. More photos of the day here 
Beauty in the purity of idea

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