Friday, February 14, 2014

Singapore National Cyclists say YES to bike lanes

Road cyclists spend lots of time on the road and unlike many countries, Singapore does not have a velodrome nor country roads where there are lesser cars or traffic lights. The usual spot for cycle training like the Changi coastal road are increasingly getting into the news with cyclists getting run over by cars/ trucks. It's scary sometimes to be out cycling.... and frankly it is a ticking time bomb.
It is getting quite crowded and the roads is not exactly safe. Last year, a lady national cyclist, Dinah Chan had a bad traffic accident while training.  This is how she look after the accident and she is a very experienced rider.....
Screen grab from
In a most amazing comeback, she managed to recover in time and got gold (30km time trial) in the 2013 SEA games.  
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This begs the question, shouldn't more be done for our national cyclists and perhaps even a velodrome? Heck, super crowded HongKong even has one now.   So what gives?
Oh wow.. Dinah is also now training at HK velodrome....  I think thats pretty sad.
Dinah Chan, Photo credit by today online
Despite all the challenges, I see more and more cyclists on the road, PCN and parks. The most heartening news from the "roadies" is this. They are the OCBC sponsored riders and not just racing. They are also helping to share safety cycling awareness at the school. And yes, finally for the record. They expressed that cycling lane would help make it safer!
Lastly, I wonder with better cycling conditions... perhaps SG can get their very own cycling World champion? Will that be wishful thinking on our side or the agencies are already on it?  What do you think?
Taken from Yahoo sports page.

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