Saturday, April 26, 2014

The last of the Trishaw repair man in Singapore

Donald's brake pad were giving him some problem and as fate would have it. He had it fixed at at non descript, totally unhip "Kar Chia tiam  (bicycle shop).  He chatted with the old man and he realised that he was the last of the trishaw repair man in Singapore.  His name was Mr Lee. 
Donald looked was really grungy, but unpretentious. The sole purpose of its existence was to provide a service to the trishaw riders and folks who cycle.  This is not your "stylo milo" hipster shop/cafe. This is a real local Kar chia tiam.  Mr Lee is probably abit grumpy and cannot speak english.  The only kopi he will drink is kopi kau from the nearby kopi tiam. This is what he had done for over 60 years. 
How long will this shop last? Probably not long and when it goes away. Part of our local history goes away as well....
It is still there for now....598A Geylang road.  Everyday 3-9pm including PH 

All photo credits to Donald Goh.
Mr Lee, Hock Trishaw Trading 


  1. This bit of living history must be captured. And I'm so glad you did it Taiwoon. Well done!

    1. Thank you Bro Al. This is our home and just doing my bit to share with fellow riders

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  3. Happened to walk by the shop the other day, then found this blog post. Fascinating.