Thursday, July 9, 2015

Compact folding bikes with a Brompton twist.

Brompton fold is legendary compact and after owning them for 4 years.  I vouch that it a really nifty fold. This is the de-facto standard for folding bike even after so many years. See this video. The experienced rider can do this under 10 second flat.
For folks who looking for the Singapore dealer (mightyvelo). Here's the local dealer link 

Strangely there have been very few folding bikes that follow the Brompton fold.
My guess is that it is due to the patent on the fold by the Brompton company. 
By some fluke, I saw an FB update and it caught my eye. A Tyrell with a Brompton-ish fold?   
Visually it looks more modern and most importantly I was excited that it used standard modern bicycle components - Shimano shifters, cassettes and derailleurs. This is one of the weakest link on the Brompton bike. Antiqued components. I mean, who the hell does the shift left and then right to change gears? 

Here are the new challengers. 

1) Tyrell IVE
Cost: -No pricing found. 
Finding out now or u can share with me
Where to buy: Finding out now or u can share with me 
Photo credit Wing Fung Company HK 

Photo credit Wing Fung Company HK 

Photo Credit by Peerless folding bike company

Photo Credit Dahon 

Photo Credit Daho

4) Birdy 
Photo credit - Flickr account Benny Ng 
Cost:Finding out now or u can share with me 
Where to buy: Ewalker in Singapore

I love my Brompton,  I really do. It's sturdy and well made. But I think its a tinge too expensive.  Have also a look at my long term review of the Brompton. 
With these folding bike alternatives, I hope bikes can be made more affordable and give the consumers more choices.
If you have tried the above bikes, I would love to hear from you how they ride. After all, its a bicycle. Its not just the fold that matters. The ride is something I can't google. Let me know. 

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