Sunday, August 23, 2015

A trip to my childhood place with Lovecyclingsg folks - 23th Aug 2015

@ the Iconic Dragon Playground
This weekend I brought Lovecyclingsg folks to visit my childhood place - Toa Payoh. Route here in case you like to do this by yourself.  
The route 
This is a ride that we have done several times and I still enjoy doing it. 
Glad to see the old friend - Ming Tian rejoining us for a Sunday ride. 
I like this ride very because I could share my memories of the place. With the small snippets of memories, inform folks how much of the place are already gone and how much are kept.
We started at Potong Pasir MRT and after a short briefing on the route, visited the first point of interest. That is Blk 108 Potong Pasir. This is the place where Mr Chiam did 27 years of Meet the people session as their MP. It's a humble spot and I am very inspired by his passion and dedication. 

Block 108 have become an exercise area
Folks at the spot of Mr Chiam MPS area
Then it was a slow roll towards Toa Payoh Lor 8 when I stayed with my Ah Gu/Ah Gim. My parents were both working long hours and Ah Gu place was the closest to Pei Chun Primary school. 
I showed the riders the place Ah Gu used to do his morning exercise with his Dahon bike. 
Thats my primary school
I was pleasantly surprised  how much I don't  know  about my child hood place. Woo sisters shared with me a location near kim keat which didnt look much. However it was part of the landscape  of Toa Payoh. Its a vegetable distribution "centre" except its just a small road.  This is been there since 1980s and its still in operation! 
Vegetables would come from Malaysia in truck, dumped at the side of the road for distribution
She also shared with me a very old bakery that have been there for 40++ years. Its located just opposite the original Pei Chun Primary premises
old and still working
Old style loti (bread) 
Later on we cycled to the Toa Payoh Dragon playground and also the central garden park. These are also the place where many senior riders have some nice memories. I am glad that its been kept and not changed totally beyond recognition. This is important and difficult to do due to space constraints. Buildings, places are a way for people to anchor their memories and then create a belonging that makes it a home.  
Jan showing  his personal memory. His wedding!
As we dispersed the ride, I went to find my "old friend" at the near by playground. I am so relived its still there! Moved out of the main  area but parked at a corner. Hello friend, its good to see u!
I have shared my story, several times over. Anyone like to share their child hood place? 

My old child hood friend. Abit battered but still standing! 

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