Thursday, November 19, 2015

Engage to make SG a better, safer place to cycle

As cycling becomes more pervasive in Singapore, there will be invariably tensions arising from the common use of path and pavements.  This issues have been raised several times for many years and we see a slow progress. Its moving beyond a class room focus group setting to an experiential one. That is to role play the proposals. Its a good approach! 
Now I have been asked why I am so supportive and positive about all the focus group by LTA. Well, it because I see a change. I really do. Slowly (abit too slow for me) but surely.
There is a Active Mobility dept set up in LTA  with dedicated resource to make things better. This is a big big improvement compared to being cyclist's interest being sidelined in the view of other matters previously. Here's the dept contact which can be found on 

 Sometimes in my conversation with folks on this topic, I sense an air of skepticism. It's definitely taking a long time and understandably frustrating. And many doubts on how it's all not going to work.
I just have this to say.  
Let's be positive. The time for cyclists is to engage fully with the agencies. It might seem like it's taking forever but every step forward is another step closer to a better cycling condition.  
Please don't give up. I know its not easy and lets keep trying. If not for us, for our next generation. 
Please also note its not going to be solely consideration only  for cyclists  but for the  whole community at large. That means pedestrians, elderly and the children.  
We can chose to be  part of the solution and keep moving the needle. Or continue to simply whine about whats not good and be a couch potato critic. Your call. 
I have signed up for the 30th Nov slot, hope to see you there. And to those who are already signed up. Thank you for all the efforts, time to help make things happen.