Thursday, December 31, 2015

Moulton TSR front rack

Taken off Diane FB around 2012. These photo shows how the TSR front rack works with the Ortlieb front rollers. The bike rolls as good as then and the bags are good. Rained on so many times and they work fine. 
2012. TSR with Moustache bar and front loaded pannier                  Photo Credit Diane 
I velcro my sunnies case on the handle bar                           Photo Credit Diane 

another view                           Photo Credit Diane 
Boo trying out TSR                  Photo Credit Diane 

The bags to get if u want waterproof and lasting quality               Photo Credit Diane 


  1. Hi
    Nice setup!
    I'm looking for similar panniers. To fit my TSR 27. Are those pannier, the ones with the old QL2 system from ortlieb?
    The new QL2.1 seems too big for this TSR rack. The bottom "lock" doesn t catch anything on it...

    1. Hello. They are front rollers and most prob the "older version".
      I think the bottom tab can be adjusted via allen key. Else u can consider a bit of bungie cord to hold it more secure. Have a safe fun ride with ur TSR!