Friday, November 25, 2016

LCSG goes to Npark festival 19th Nov 2016

We met at Punggol waterway around 2pm and the weather did not look good. So the roll off time was pushed off until 3. After checking the rain had cleared, we rolled off towards Bishan Park where the Nparks Festival was held. Essentially, it was a event where Nparks showcase all their activities and efforts. From plants, to Otter protection, arty stuff and also engagement  to park users like us. Cyclists. Lovecyclingsg is a close partner of Friends of PCN whom worked with the PCN team to feedback issues and suggest improvements.  Here's nice photo link by uncle KC in case u looking for it.

Back to the ride. Quite afew families with kids and personally for me, thats a good thing. Cycling should be for everyone.  Momo also joined me with her new Fnhon single speed. We rolled along the relatively quiet PCN, cleared because of the rain. Puddles everywhere and the weather was really cooling. We took it slow and steady.  I think some are now looking at mudguards in a very different light after being splashed around somewhat ... :) 
Keeping left 
Folks waiting for the green man. 
Momo rolling with me in the front  Photo credits Uncle KC 
Momo and her new Fnhon
Keeping as a group. By 4pm, we reached Bishan park with nary a sweat.  We touched based with our PCN friends and got some new freebies. Then everyone went to explore the park in their own pace.  Here's some of photos of the nice event from my friends. 
nice bike obstacle course specially rigged by PCN team 

Rene and Audrey 
Feeding fishes 
Daddies with their princes at a nice section of Bishan where u can walk in the "river" 
Treasure hunt with a good message

A nice family with their super cute son!
When it was time to go home. I asked Momo if she would like to take Uber home or try riding back. Initially, she said taxi... then replied.." Daddy, let's ride back... slowly hor. " So we did. Stopping ever so often to look for pokemon. But we did made it back home(Punggol) from Bishan.  

*Photos credit by uncle KC   

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