Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Solving the Garmin "Pengarang" route naming.

I shared my frustration on the Garmin auto naming with fellow cyclists at Lovecyclingsg and it seems many have the same issue. Then Boo had a recommendation. Set it to "manual". Follow her instructions and tried it today. Yes! No more confusing pengarang (Malaysia town) on my route!

Notice no more "Pengarang"?

Now... how to name it automatically in Date format....

look under "Activity Names" 


  1. This does not make sense. After a few rides/run you would then try to figure out how to solve the Garmin "Untitled" route naming. "Untitled" is also confusing just as "Pengarang". Either way you'll still end up editing each and every ride/run you do to make them meaning full. I don't want my activity list filled with Pengarang or Untitled.

    1. I agree with your comments. Do share with me if theres a better way. I have wrote to Garmin previously to ask for a better location naming/titling but I received no solution.