Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bike MRT to work. The ultra long distance version.

Is bike to work possible? I think so and it takes a certain breed of people who are adventurous, confident of himself and his bike to pull it off. George Lim or Encik as we call him is one such person. 
He posted his commuting trip yesterday on Lovecyclingsg and it gathered quite alot of likes and comments. 
He stays in Punggol and his current work place is at Pasir Laba Camp. Thats a long long way to commute. Road distance using highway is about 35km each way. He can ride the distance anything  no problem. However, he is also experimenting with riding a folding bike to MRT station, so its not as tiring.  
This is his photos and words of the experience. Check it out 
Going from Punggol to Pasir Laba (Jurong) 
"3rd Jan 17 First BTW of the year. Today is the first working & Schooling day, I was expecting larger crowd of passengers. I took the first train at Punggol to avoid the crowds. As usual I boarded the last cabin of the train. No more seats but not sardine packed. My final station is Joo Koon station so I need to change train at outram park station. The crowds started to build up at outram park station. At every entry's of the train, there is Q waiting to aboard the train. I waiting at the 2rd last cabin which is a standing only cabin. To my surprise, the cabin will not as pack as other cabin with seats. Enough space to park my bike. I strongly recommend passenger with bulky items use this cabin. As the train passed through station, most passengers will wait at other cabin than standing cabin. To me this is the Bonus. Reached Joo Koon station on time, unfolded my bike, reach my office in 10 mins." 
George Lim 
@ Punggol MRT 
Along North east line 
@ outram stn
Standing room cabin
How it looks at peak hour 

Encik going home 

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