Thursday, June 2, 2022

Seized seat post - Dumped KHS bike

Things were all rusted and missing 
Standing and riding the trame was straight and true. 

Catching up with my blogging(yes there is such thing still) . This happened Oct 2021. I found this KHS dumped and took it back. It was very crummy and clearly had a very tough life. I wondered if I can salvage it to make it functioning again.. oh no. 
This is how it looked when I picked it up. After 3 hours of cleaning up with zip/ dishwasher soap, it looked better. Going around the items.. most are shot and missing parts.  I identified a possible issue - seized seat post. So sprayed penetrating oil and try to lever it out. It didn't work, so I spray more oil and left it to sit for 2 weeks.
Then googled for ideas to solve it. Hey its good to learn and I like this kind of stuff. Some were elaborate mechanical leveraging and some chemical (last resort) 
Reading online, it seems like a common issue on old bikes which was neglected. If u are into this things, Sheldon Brown is a good place to start. No fancy animation but just good experience to get things done.   The thing is Steel bike with Alumium seat post will have galvanic reaction. Meaning they can fused together making a very strong bond.  Lesson here is to take out ur seat post once awhile, grease the insides and make sure nothing is stuck. 

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