Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday ride to Sembawang Hot spring 13th March 2011

Bay and Junior riding along
Bay Junior
Gary and his Tikit
Tah Ching in Karate pose
Wai ling with dreamy effects from Iphoto


     It rained in the morning and we waited and lar kopi for awhile. then it stopped.. This made it a nice weather for riding, abit wet but really cooling. We also had the privilege of  Bay's family (in a motley of Brompton, Monotine, Carryme), Gary on Tikit and David on his MTB on this ride for the first time.  The route was the same, Sembawang hotspring, Simpang kiri(new PCN) and riding through the black and white houses at Naval base area. Turning back at Woodlands water front, we followed the MRT tracks that shaded us well from the afternoon sun. Nice and relaxing ride overall.
More photos here 


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  2. I am sure u can get it cheaper overseas...But do note there is the issue of local warranty. Dahon is distributed by Mybikeshop in details here..