Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Water Day event 20th March 2011

Warm up before the ride - photo by Matt
Briefing the route...and Clarence is not paying attention :)  Photo by Matt
At least 60 riders turned out in support of the World water way event, early morning at Alexandra Canal Park Connector to Marina barrage.  Francis and I gave out the official tees was crazily busy time.. And after the usual ride briefing, it was a nice slow rolling start. Best part is that we did not have to stop at junctions, with the great support from the Traffic police to stop traffic. This made us feel so safe and privileged for once! Really awesome to see so many riders coming out in support of this event.  Thank you all! More photos account here by Matt  and here  -- Thanks mate!
New Alexandra PCN, Zul likes it! Photo by Matt
PCN -near to Zion road market  Photo by Matt
We got parking! Photo by Matt
Friends with bikes, Mddan, Ahmad and Zul Photo by Matt