Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meeting Mr Lim at Punggol waterway

I took a easy ride at the nearby Punggol Waterway this morning. Riding the tokyo bike present by Wifey, it felt good. 
Toyko Bike at Punggol... 
 Rolling slowly enjoying the cool morning. Many were doing the same too. Jogging, walking and cycling. As I rode along, I met an old gentleman cycling slowly. I nodded and said "zhao ann" (good morning in Chinese) . He turned his head alittle side ways to my direction, nodded and "zhao ann" back. We rode a little while together and I ask if I could take a photo of him and his bicycle. He stopped and as I fumbled to get my iphone to work.. we chatted abit.
Mr Lim, 70-ish with his 30year old bicycle
Mr Lim B.S.A
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Rusted but it still spins
Mr Lim
His name was Mr Lim, Stayed near Hougang and he had this bicycle for more than 30 years. He like to ride along the PCN as it is quiet and not so dangerous. "Cycling is nice, I just ride slowly for exercise. " he added.  I looked at his face, it is wrinkled and creased. One side of his body is stiff and a classic sign of a stroke person, like my Dad.
We hopped back onto the bicycle and continued the slow ride, soaking in the quiet peace. It is nice, crank by crank, wheels rolling slowly, moving forward.

Mr Lim pedalling on, slowly (sorry for the crappy shots... my iphone is the old gen)
Nature even gave me a nice treat as I stopped at the Serangoon river.  A fish jump out of the water and "hopped" 3 times. Just in front of me.. just like that. In a flash, the dance appeared and vanished.  This is no wild outback but it just felt so peaceful and amazing at the same time.  All 10 min from my home. Slow down, smile and say hello. You never know what surprises and beauty you will see.

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