Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rider Profile Berenda Lim

Berenda with her Brompton @ ECP

First ride to Pengarang 

Learning to clean and service her Brompton @ LCSG servicing WS

Intro yourself:
Halo everyone
Am Berenda Lim – working as Corp Finance Accountant in Sport Retail Company. Biking affair started in June’12, it was out of the sudden interest and gradually ended up as a weekly activity happen deeply poison by every enjoyable ride and those lovely bikes. On regular basic - I will try to join every Friday nite ride (PNR) and Sunday LCSG morning ride as long as my schedules permit. Else will be improtus rides organize by some of the regular cycling khakis.

How did you started cycling
1st pedaling step began when I was just a toddler, a Red steel 3-wheels Kar Chia (bike) that was passed down from cousins after one another it was still in good condition upon receiving. During early childhood hay day, cousins and I will spend our weekend at my grandparent’s farm in Lim Chu Kang. As kids we bike randomly chasing around each other within grandpa’s vegetation plantation and fish pond sometimes crash into those poor vegetables. Our parents had forbidden us from cycling especially during raining day because we will cover with patches of mud and dirts difficult to clean/wash it off. Soon those days slowly varnish the moment authority announce taking over the piece of land in early 90s. In the past, cycling was renting of bike and simple leisure ride at ECP with a group of friends. Owing a bike wasn’t in my shopping list till recently.

Why do you like cycling
I must admit me being lazy bum hence cycling is part of exercising which allow me to stay healthy and keep fit. Over a period with weekly workout, its help to build up stamina and condition to become fitter.
Exploring places on 2 wheels is fun and challenging.  So far, my hardworking Brompton M6L accompanies me to Desaru trip (Aug12) and LCSG 128km island ride event (Sep12). Looking back am proud to participant in both, it had its own fair share of memorable and display team spirit and bonding along with fellow cyclists. Glad to meet people from all walks of life, sharing their cycling knowledge, experience and overseas trip.

It’s always heartening and delighted to see cyclists such as Uncle KC, Francis Chu, George Lim, and Aunty Audrey who are still passion and activate in cycling community. Likewise, cycling do engages couples bonding (George Kee and Wendy / Allan and his wife) and close up family ties (Taiwoon, Steven Tang, Jonathan, Desmond Chia, Daniel). 
LCSG sunday ride constantly bring us to new places and exploring new route was exciting and of course not to forget LCSG motto Eat Ride and Play (ERP). Every Sunday ride is always fill with fun and laughter needless to say hilarious especially when Steven Tang is around.   

When you met LCSG – how was it like and how u meets us
In mid-May’12 - By chance one of my longtime girlfriend – Lisa Koh mention about LCSG had organized a cycling trip to Desaru. The thought of short break chilling out under sun, sand & sea and as Non-cyclist for the trip hence I decided to sign up and will be Lisa roommate. Auntie Mary (Desaru Trip organizer) was officially intro to me at Paya Lebar Safra cycling event – unfortunately she break the new the entire Desaru Trip I was the only non-cyclist as such either I join as cyclist or pay for my own land transport. From then till Desaru trip was 8 weeks away, Aunty Mary pre-empt the group with 6 weeks of intensive training program to include long distance, slopes, endurance, stamina etc  to ensure we are fit for the trip. Looking back, my 1st training with the group was a total disaster and horrifying….. Thru more training rides its lead to slowly build up more confidence and getting to know/manage my bike gearing well. Big Thanks Q to Desaru Training team: Aunty Mary, Audrey, George Kee, Wendy, Steven, Bernice, Louis, Darren, Eddie, Vince and the rest.
Extract from Aunty Mary favorite quote – Crank by Crank we will reach (never give up), this sentence itself explain a lot and somehow kind of blueprint still ringing in my mind till now.

What is your steel horse
1.     Dahon D7 – 1st bike got me into cycling
2.     Brompton M6L – friendly commuter bike
3.     On the way …. another beauty to reveal

Your favorite cycling route and Khaki
There is no definite favorite cycling route or khaki simply because every ride is fun, enjoyable and challenging on its own. Discovering, exploring is part of each cycling route and getting to meet new fellow cyclists or catching up with old khaki.
Looking forward BTW  (bike to work) – (if) possible in near future.
I love the fresh dew smell whenever rides pass some open semi-greenly field or forest either during wee hour or dawn…. Serenity to mother nature


  1. Hi Brenenda. Many thanks for your effort and contribution, one way or another, to PNR and LCSG.

  2. Hi Brenenda. Many thanks for your effort and contribution, one way or another, to PNR and LCSG.