Monday, May 13, 2013

LTA speaks on road safety and "Black spot Scheme"

Taken from LTA FB page
Taken from LTA Facebook communications on 5th May. 
"LTA takes proactive measures to keep our roads safe. Our road safety engineers conduct regular safety audits, where they comb through our roads, day and night, walking and driving, to identify short-comings. We also have schemes like the Black Spot Programme, which systematically identifies and treats accident-prone locations through the implementation of road engineering solutions at targeted locations. 
Other notable schemes to improve road safety include the installation of Your-Speed-Signs, traffic calming measures, crash cushions, curve alignment markers, advance warning lights and bus stop bollards. 
As the agency responsible for the development and management of the public road network, we take our work seriously, keeping Singapore’s roads safe for all road users."

Maybe LTA team can consider looking at what we have already done as a community...  Do you think more can be done to make our roads safe? I just find it crazy that LTA can have electronic eyes setup to curb illegal parking but still moving so slowing when it come to protecting the cyclists. What do you think? 

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