Thursday, May 2, 2013

Looking back 1 year time. Our princess and why we bring them along

Desmond Chia  posted this on Facebook. It was 2 photos of Momo and Cayla.
1 which was taken during our first Taiwan trip to Wulin- March 2012 and the other is the recent April 2013 trip.
I can't describe this feeling well enough but it feels amazing and also makes me abit emo. Similar to the feeling when I wrote this
Kids really grow up very fast and how I wish I could "freeze" this moment in time.  Momo will be going to Primary 1 next year and I think such fun fun trips will not be possible next year due to school work. 
I am not looking forward to the crazy workload and rigid educational system (which speaking to many parents) just zaps up all the creativity and spontaneity in life. 

Kim, Desmond, Shelby and myself are just normal parents. We just want the best of our children. Which leads me to question myself constantly. What is "Best" and what are the "things" I want for Momo. 
Looking at the future. How uncertain it is and ever changing. I would say it is to concentrate on values. 
Happiness. To be happy with yourself.  Have fun. Even when things are tough and not going your way.  Mommy and Daddy will always, ALWAYS be there for you.  The slopes are the best teachers...  :)  
Courage. Courage to try new things. Courage to say. "I don't know, haven't done this before but heck, I am going to try it"  The Taiwan trip allowed Momo, Cayla to try new things. Playing in the rivers, eating strange food and doing "crazy" things. Like cheering Team LCSG Taiwan up mountains.
Teamwork.  Many of us have just one kid. This creates "the world revolves around me" mentality. Through the planning, execution of the ride/trip.  They(Momo and Cayla) participate and also understand the concept of a TEAM. No one is an island. How with common ideals, things get done well and with lots of fun.
I guess, this is really why we bring them along for this kind of trips. Also very glad, speaking to Encik George Lim- he understands why and plans it this way. Nothing world distance record breaking but memorable trips for friends and family. 
What are your thoughts? Any tips to share? 

March 2012 - 1st Taiwan trip  (Momo and Cayla) 

April 2013 - 3rd Taiwan Trip


  1. Well said and definitely can identify with your sentiments. We all want the best for our kids but really how do you define what is best? Happiness is key and once a child is truly happy, the rest will flow....

    1. glad it strikes a cord to you. After having a child and seeing how they grow. It really makes u thinks. What really matters?

  2. What great values! You guys are certainly in the right direction. If I could add, I would like my kids to live for more than themselves. I have only one son and I don't want him to have a Princeling mentality. My hope for him is to be a blessing to others, to add to their lives of those around him.

    When yr kids know that Mommy/Daddy are always there for them thru good/bad times, they will be free to create, brave to try new things and quick to pick themselves up when they fall. Also, the home is the place of safety and refuge in what can be a very cruel world.

    May God's wisdom guide all of us in this most honorable duty before us! :)

    1. thank you Bro Al for the great advice! Yes, it is more ourselves! Whenever possible, enrich the folks around you.

  3. Dear Taiwoon,

    I'm am a fellow Singaporean living in the UK who has been quietly savouring some of the great posts that you have written over the years, and am encouraged by your writings to adopt riding as a lifestyle to experience society.

    I'm writing to encourage you that despite not having the answers, making that struggle with what is best for your child is already a great leap forward. The past trips that you have brought Momo on will have taught her character, encouragement and how to deal with integrity. And by extension, I believe schools are incubators to further broaden and deepen such values as the children are put in a variety of situations, with real people that demand them to make decisions that affect character building.

    Perhaps eventually, like every other kid she may ask you the inevitable question that every parent wished they have an answer for, that is 'why study so hard?' I don't know what your answer will be, but I can say that each ride is invariably soul-building and will teach her the life concept of opportunity costs. She appreciates that X amount of time spent with people + X amount of money = X amount of happiness/joy. She will learn to weigh her experiences with the family against the greater demands placed on her in society, and question why do we live, what is right, how things should be and can we live in a 'more sustainable' manner? She will come to learn that there is no life without roots, and hopefully seek to protect the values that keep her rooted.

    So take heart! I see a very exciting journey up ahead. Pray you have the wisdom to work with fellow parents, Momo's teachers to further her life education.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Shen,
      wow,thank you for the nice comments and worldly advice.I will bear that closely to my heart.
      I don't have the answers too but I do know study is just a part of life. And I will use love to guide my actions. Love is not just giving her all stuff but allowing her to experience, to fail, to pick herself up and try again. And that we will always be there whatever happens. Pls do keep ur comments coming, love to learn more from you!

  4. Hi Taiwoon,

    Thank you for your kind comments! It just happened that I've been mulling over reintegration issues coming back to Singapore, and your post struck a chord. The inspiration is definitely bi-directional! :) I'm very happy and glad for Momo. For one, commuting is part of my life right now in UK. I'm coming back to Singapore for good soon later this year, and I'm looking forward to get to reacquaint myself with Singapore over again on both foot and bike!

    On a slightly less relevant note, I hope you are feeling 'less jaded' now if I didn't remember wrongly you have post on that some time ago. I hope "Eat.Ride.Photo" can continue to evolve the social utility of cycling beyond a fascination for equipment and food - it already means many things to many people. For people to develop new habits, make new friends, start an adventure, get technical expertise, - basically to do it in a relational, safe and non-threatening setting.

    The city where I am based in until July has this amazing community bike project where they institutionalised some of the positive externalities of cycling. If you have time, do check it out at: It may just be inspirational.

    Best regards,