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17th April 2013 Day5- Hualien and her PCN

17th April 21, 2013.  Wed, Day 5
Group shot before rolling out
Guo Ger woke up early to get us breakfast
HuaLien and her PCN routes
Hanging around Hualien. Staying at 南埔庭園民宿
NanpuTingyuan, Guo ger and Fang Jei place. Actually it really feels more like a home. I guess that’s why we coming again to this place. It is not fancy but it feels nice and homely. Best of all, the 7-11 is just outside the front gate!
meat pastry that tastes sooo good!

Tiger giving Darren some tune up
In the morning, we rode around the PCN to Seven Star bay. Hualien first section is quite "Jurong Benoi" feeling. Meaning it has lots of concrete, Marble factory and trucks. Not too nice but as you ride on, the view changes and becomes much more pleasant. We saw the fantastic coast and also met an old gentleman cycling. He is 82!!! 
goofing around and just chilling
the nice red bridge
our lead, Encik George Lim
zipping in Hualien PCN
We also saw this huge concrete wave breakers /anti landing devices 
Lisa and AiLim with the nice sea view
82 and still riding!! Salute!
Chris showing why MTB... 
picking pebbles at Seven Star Bay 
I fell here trying to ride the BF on the pebbles... fail.. cannot. Maybe the Surly Moonlander can 
strangely therapeutic with the waves crashing   
having a break and nice chat with friends 
This is the fish that is associated with Seven Star Bay. Moolah fish
Encik Chut power!!
We reach Seven Star Bay in no time with all the chatting and joke. We also see the "Mola Mola" fish which was hugggee.
a nice fisherman let us see the catch.. a moolah... machiam steath plane.. and much bigger then I tot

After Lunch, we rode to Li Yu lake which was quite scenic. Encik mentioned it was a slow ride but as usual, he bluffed. We blasted there and the return leg was really fast. Lucky I got my pocket rocket which responded very well to a speedy challenge. 
Bridge towards LiYu Tang
Tiger @ Liyu Lake
slopes.. not so bad la

Darren admiring the awesome lake views
Tomorrow we will also go towards that direction, except we going to Mu Ku mu yu. Thats the local equivalent of Taroko Gorges, minus the chinese busload of tourists. 

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