Sunday, April 28, 2013

16th April 2013 Day 4 - Downhill from Tai Pin Shan

16th April 2013 Tues, Day 4
TaiPingShan, CuiFeng Lake and downhill to foot of TPS
The view on top of Tai Ping Shan... and I overslept......
Family photo to remember the moment
I overslept. Haha..  By the time we woke up, it was already 0615. I quickly got out to see the sunrise. Or what was left of it. The air was crisp and the fog disappeared. There was only George and Desmond out on the viewing deck to watch the changing morning sun colors. I guess yesterday uphill must have KO-ed all of us.  Should be better today... I hope..
Beautiful colors
Crisp air!
Are you ready? Let's roll!
Ready as I can ever be!  Pierre the energizer bunny
Breakfast followed and we prepared to roll. George gave another safety briefing. Stay on a safe speed – less then 30km/hr and space out. Don't follow too closely with each other. And of course, this is Taiwan, keep Right!
We cycled to Cui Feng Lake which is along the plateau (less slopely) and the nice weather meant a sweat free and cooling ride.
Tiger and Desmond warming up... hayyy shou hayyy shouu
Gary lent me his Gopro to capture the downhill part... I hope it turns out good
Marcus with his Raleigh Tourer
For today I took my DSLR and took many of the folks carving down the mountain…. Whheeeeeee…  left and right, repeat 50 times… or more… brake brake and left and right… this is scary but fun!
Desmond share the chocolate leh...
Uncle Julian on a upslope! 
Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -Lisa
Ai Lim on her Pink TSR Moulton

Desmond carving with his Dahon TR!
Full concentration!

Slowly does it.. 
Elisha with this BF NWT  at one of the numerous hairpin turns...  

My trusty BF that got me up and down TPS!
In no time, we reached the Visitor centre (3/4 down the moutain) and as I lifted my camera, the metal buckle attached to my DSLR snapped! Oh gosh, it is my lucky day. 30 second earlier..  my camera would have fell off….  Lesson learned. Check and recheck your equipment. And recheck your equipment. 

Someone was definitely watching out for me... 
all the animals come out to play! 
We reached the base of the mountain in one piece, no accidents! Encik George was visibly relieved as he sat on the floor and rested for a while. 
Heng ah.. no need to medical evac... Thank you Encik for ur constant advice!
yummy Bento!
We had our lunch, packed the bikes into the van.
Then it was a long 2 hour drive along the coastal line (Su-Au highway to Hua Lien) to 南埔庭園民宿. Flatter terrain awaits.. haha!


  1. Hola,
    I would like to know the wheels you have mounted on the red dahon and on the black Bike Friday, I'm upgrading mi Dahon
    Thank you very much

    1. The brand is called Wheelsport which my friends bought from the local bicycle shop(Mybikeshop)

    2. Thank you so much, I'm Checking if they can ship them to Mallorca.