Saturday, April 6, 2013

Packing Pocket Rocket for the Taiwan Trip

Work have been busy over the past 2 months and I can't believe we are actually going to go to Taiwan again!  Well before we have fun, the bike need to be packed... so this are the some of the shots as I put Pocket rocket into the box. The coming friday will be flying off.... so today better work at it..
Learnings: do it in an aircon room..
Stuff I bring along
Additional stuff to bring along based on the current assessment of weather forecast.
 1) Ortbliebs pannier bag(weather seems to be rainy.. so this will be a good place to keep camera and stuff dry)
2) Medical box - I always carry this on long rides and overseas trip.  You can never be too careful
3) Mini tool kit and 4, 6 mm allen key
4) Mini pump
5) Tyre sidewall patch. Pocket rocket is 451 size which is not so common. So this is insurance
6) Duranos - will swap to this if the road conditions are smooth.. so I use less energy to keep up with Encik and the faster Gonzales
7) Waterproof Jacket - Found it at Isetan Timberland booth.  Momo call this "Turd color" but it was well made like a Mammot (Sealed seams and hooded) and 50% discount. Will try this out on the ride
8) 2 spare tube of 451
9) Self design Collapsible flag pole to ensure cars see us.
10) wire lock to keep bike safe
Solved BF fender wagging issue but using brazing rod found at local hardware store
Brazing rod and a pair of pliers did this
bulky rear rack..  
"mummied wrapped"  rear rack
folding it
Salah.. take out front wheel first 
Take out pedals, put into plastic bag and keep with bike
Wrap and pad it. Esp metal to metal. I used velcro to hold everything together
Mummied Seat and seatpost
All in.. did I forget anything.... yah.. my wife just asked me... "waterbottle leh?"  


  1. At the joint where the rear triangle fits the frame, using a half cut tennis ball works v well. Just sharing a tip fm guru Mike Khor of Wheelospher :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Andrew! I love you blog! Very honored to see u drop a note here sir!

  3. hi. is there anywhere in singapore i can get the collapsible flag and flag pole?

    1. It is actually a "Prawning" pole which I got from a fishing shop at Changi village. The flag is from a previous bike flag I had for some time. Converted it so that it is easier to pack