Monday, April 1, 2013

LCSG family ride at Garden by the bay 31st March 2013

Family and friends under Benjamin Sheares Bridge
Young Champ leading the way
Young and old. All welcome!
Over looking these!! so nice and it's free! 
This is a special event ride for family and kids. The idea – come together; meet at a nice place to have a picnic.  And yes, also to ride abit, with the kids. No agenda, no fund raising, no “Lelong” day. Just a simple picnic with friends and family. That’s what we did on 31st March 2013
Desmond(big guy) with Tyrone(little policeman), Cayla, Momo and Kimi
Thanks to Desmond Chia who kindly stepped up to organize the event, we have a chance for family, friends, kids to mingle over some breakfast and just have a relaxed day out.  Desmond led the group from Kallang Mac Donald’s and followed the PCN towards Tangjong Rhu. A relatively short ride for adults but it must be quite an adventure for the little ones.  
Wives sharing and chatting over food
so much to eat... 
Wong family
Vincent and family
Father and Son
Reaching the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, they met up with the mummies and smaller kids who were waiting for their arrival.  It wasn’t as windy but pleasant enough to have a nice picnic.  
We also brought the kids around Garden by the bay and rode close to the Marina Barrrage.  The place was quite suitable for children.  It was really good to see them having fun. They zipped around , without a care in the world, shouting laughing happily.  Exactly how children should be. Parents sitting down, have a bite and chatting among themselves while Daddies would be looking at the bicycles talking about the latest mod.. .”poisoning” each other. Nice!
Paper airplane contest!
Muffins for u sir? 
Desmond and Shelby even prepared additional stuff for kids so that they can have even more fun. "Bubbles solution" bottles and paper airplanes. Simple stuff but it made the kids have so much fun.
My personal Dummy was also “pressed” into service by giving big and small kids joy rides. Judging by the smiles, I think they have a better understanding of the long bike and what fun it is to be just having ride.
Momo and kimi enjoying the breeze
Tian mi mi
Tang circus in action

Ah mo "summon" to Tyrone aka little police man :) 
Meeting after 20 years!! 
Uncle KC also met his long lost friend over 20 years ago from PSA! It was pretty amazing to see them reminisced over good old time. Mr Wong came today as his Son, Roy was in LCSG and asked him along. Here's a nice pic of Uncle KC and Mr Wong.
Looking at the event, I am glad to be a part of Lovecyclingsg. 
It is not about how far or hard we ride, nor about bicycles. But treasuring the simple friendship and family ties…. All made possible with the love of the humble bicycle! Lovely isn’t it?

* Photo Credits from Steven Tang, Uncle Roland(GV Sea Lion) and myself.  

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