Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wise words from Frog man

Reflection on the small stuff

Loosely translated " As you journey through life, you might be recognized, which is unexpected. Tell yourself when you have a small influence, use what small force to help others. When you have a big influence, you have to use a big force to make this world a better better." This was something Frogman "wa da" posted on his facebook sometime back.

Today is a time for my self-reflection. Lovecyclingsg, a group I co-founded with Francis back in 2008 has grown to way bigger than I thought. Some thing must be right, I think. 
We come a long way but staying relevant is never easy.  Then what is relevant? Is it all about keeping true to non commerical nature, E.R.P and community kampong spirit?  How do we keep the "wheels" spinning, week after week? I know we got something good going but how to sustain this level of effort?  
Mentally, I am tired... dead tired. Like fizzy pepsi without the gas. Punchek and peng sang. Perhaps a time out would help.......every one needs a break.

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